Who Invented Crying Cat Meme?

crying cat meme

The crying cat meme was first originated in 2014 on ask.fm by a user named, YoussefArafa88. Ever since then no one has been able to stop its popularity.

What is the story behind the crying cat meme?

Most of you might have believed that the cat’s expressions were real, but what if we tell you they are not? You heard it right! The crying cat meme comes off as a photo-shopped version of a cat, typically with glass-like watery eyes that make the cat look unavoidably awkward (sad) and funny simultaneously. 

On the humorous side of the story, the cat looks adorable while sobbing. Where the jest is? The disposition of a sentimental moment on a very inculpable and adorable animal is where the jest is, as it feels virtually witty in how whimsical it feels. Some renditions of the joke even have edited photos depicting stepping on cat’s paws or cats being played or even worse situations that make the crying cat meme seem absurdly relatable.

If you are sad or upset for one reason or the other, the crying cat meme should be there to cheer you up!

What makes The crying cat meme Unique and relatable?

The crying cat meme is versatile, humorous, witty, and of course, it is relatable. The meme was originally known for a cat sitting in front of the computer, but now, there are so many edited versions of it including Thumbs up crying Cat Memes, screaming crying cat memes, and sad cat memes. All these renditions make it even more relatable. It fits every meme that you could think of.

The diversity of the crying cat meme has made its existence successful. Also, there have been fewer memes that involved cats; the meme is here to stay.

How does the Crying Cat Meme generator works?

The crying cat meme generator is a free online picture producer that permits you to add custom resizable content to pictures. It works in HTML5 material, so your pictures are made right away on your own gadget. Here are some Crying Cat Meme examples to serve you with absurd humor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is a thumbs-up crying cat meme?

It is a photoshopped image of a crying cat giving its viewer a thumbs up gesture.

What is the meaning of the crying cat meme?

The crying cat meme comes off as a photo-shopped version of a cat, typically with glass-like watery eyes. The reaction image is usually captioned with something sad, but sarcastically sad.

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