iPhone 15 launch today


iPhone 15 launch:In a first, Apple will sell iPhones made in India at launch; will they be less expensive?

iPhone 15 launch
iPhone 15 launch

In Brief:
The iPhone 15 will shortly be released.
The most recent iPhone models will be produced in India.
According to rumors, this will cause the price of the iPhone to decrease in India.

iPhone 15 launch Today

The iPhone 15 will be released later today, and since it will be produced in India, there are rumors that this may help to lower the price. How likely is that to occur? Find out by reading on.

The Wonderlust, Apple’s biggest event of the year, is only a few hours away, and excitement is high. During the event, Apple will present the eagerly awaited iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max (or Ultra), and iPhone 15 Plus. The iPhone 15 series appears like it will carry quite a punch, promising significant improvements over the iPhone 14 in addition to some new additions. Many rumors and fears about the forthcoming iPhones are circulating online as the announcement draws near. Since this will be the first’made in India’ iPhone that Apple sells at launch, the upcoming iPhone 15 launch will be even more significant for Indian users.

The iPhone 15 will be produced in India, according to an earlier Bloomberg story. And it has given some individuals hope that the price would drop. But in practice, will the iPhone’s final price be affected by the country of manufacture? Continue reading as we explore the query in more detail.

Will the iPhone 15 cost less in India?

The iPhone 15 won’t be the first iPhone to be produced in India, to start with. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 were also “made in India,” as were earlier versions of the smartphone. But it never had an impact on their cost.

Recall that the 128 GB iPhone 13 model cost Rs 79,900 when it first debuted in India. Similar to this, the entry-level iPhone 14 model was introduced in India for Rs 79,900. At the time of their introduction, both phones cost USD 799 in the US. In other words, the US pricing of the two prior iPhones was simply increased by 100 for the India price.

Apple is probably going to stick with its usual strategy this year as well, with the price of the iPhone 15 being equivalent to the US pricing times 100. As a result, the final price won’t really change as a result of the phone being manufactured in India.

In other words, it is extremely unlikely that production in India will have any impact on the ultimate pricing of the iPhone this time around. Because it has never occurred before, this is the case.

India will likely get the iPhone 15 sooner this year?

Although the iPhone 15 won’t become less expensive in India because it is made there, it may become available earlier than expected. Indians typically have to wait for around a month to get their hands on the newest iPhones, although consumers in the US, Europe, the UK, and other regions may get the phones as soon as they go on sale worldwide. But this time, that might not be the case.

According to a report by Economic Times published earlier this month, Apple wants to launch the iPhone 15 in India earlier this year in order to close the gap with the global debut “to a few days, if not a simultaneous reveal, in India.”

Additionally, an earlier Bloomberg story said that the iPhone 15 was already being produced in Tamil Nadu, India. According to reports, a Foxconn Technology Group facility in Sriperumbudur is prepared to produce the latest line of iPhones. The corporation is attempting to expand the number of iPhones coming from India, sources informed the outlet.

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