Seven Injured in Unexplained Blast at Food Eatery near Mall Road Shimla

Seven Injured in Unexplained Blast at Food Eatery near Mall Road Shimla

MALL ROAD SHIMLA Tragic Incident:

Mall Road Shimla:LPG Cylinder Explosion Claims Life and Injures Multiple at an Eatery on Shimla’s Mall.

Following the incident, the injured were immediately rushed to the hospital for urgent treatment.

The impact of the blast was severe, inducing a wave of panic that rippled through the surrounding area, including the popular spots of Mall Road and the Ridge.

Upon receiving reports of the blast, the police and fire personnel sprang into action swiftly, demonstrating their efficiency in containing the fire. Their prompt response helped prevent further escalation of the situation. The injured individuals received immediate attention and were rushed to the Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital to receive the necessary medical care.

However, the aftermath of the explosion also left its mark on the surrounding area. Approximately six to seven shops bore the brunt of the blast, resulting in damages to their structures.

The incident has undoubtedly caused distress and concern among the community, and investigations into the cause of the explosion are likely underway to shed light on this unfortunate event.

Karan Nanda, the state media in charge of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has emphasized the utmost importance of conducting a thorough investigation into the cause of the tragic blast.

He called upon the state government to establish a committee to investigate the incident and take strict action based on its findings.

Nanda further urged the authorities to expedite compensation for the affected shops in the vicinity.

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