Rajinikanth’s Heartwarming Gesture Leaves Jackie Shroff Emotional


Jackie Shroff talked about his experience working with professional actor Rajinikanth on the set of Jailer in a recent interview, talking about an incident from the film’s production.

Rajinikanth and jackie Shroff

Jackie Shroff remembers an event from the Jailer set as he talked about his experience working with veteran actor Rajinikanth. In a recent interview, the actor told News18 that Rajinikanth had apologized to him during the filming of Jailer because he forgot to say goodbye to Jackie before leaving the set. Jackie claimed Rajinikanth only returned to the scene because he had not bid him farewell. Jackie was moved by Rajinikanth’s thoughtful gesture and nearly started crying.

According to Jackie, who spoke to News18, “I recall he had finished his shoot for the day and was heading home. I still needed to film a few scenes. He had been sitting in his car, but only because he didn’t have bid me farewell did he decide to return. He arrived and apologized for forgetting to bid you farewell.If you need me, I’ll be here. I almost started crying, but I stopped myself. Working on a movie where he is the star and we are the supporting cast was a true delight. We have liked every aspect of anything we have done since he has shown us so much love and respect.

Jackie once observed of Rajinikanth, “Rajinikanth Garu (brother) remains the same even if everything has changed. Over the years, his self-control and respect for everyone have not changed. He is the most modest celebrity that has ever existed in history. His stardom crosses successes and failures. Working with him is a rewarding experience. On the television, Rajini Garu is a completely different person. Every time he makes an appearance on screen, he completely changes. He also remains the same after leaving his character. I think he’s wonderful in every way, including his behaviors, the way he wears spectacles while doing anything, and the way he walks, talks, and seems.

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In the film ‘Jailer’, Jackie Shroff portrays the antagonist.

Jackie Shroff plays the bad guy in the movie “Jailer.” The actor previously appeared opposite Rajinikanth in the 1987 film “Uttar Dakshin” and the 2014 animated action film “Kochadaiiyaan.

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