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Virgin River season 4 was announced to have its shooting begin in late July, right after the sudden release of season 3 on Netflix that was not in the notice of the audience and that’s why everyone predicts that Netflix is going to do the same for Virgin River season 4. While season 3 ended up with a classy couple of things, the ending was not acceptable as a simple arrest and demanded more justice to the plot hence, Virgin River season 4 will kill the curiosity now. According to Sue Tenny, director of the show, since the story is based on the 25 novels written by Robert Carr, the original story writer, it is expected that there might be more seasons than we’re thinking now. 

When will Virgin River season 4 release?

Some sources suggest that Virgin River season 4 may release in late July, perhaps 22nd July 2022 since this would give the crew proper time to shoot and wrap up the season and release it one year after the release of season 3. Other sources add that since seasons 2 and 3 had an 8-month gap between their release, Virgin River season 4 and season 3 may have a similar pattern and will release in early spring of 2022. 

What will be covered in Virgin River season 4?

We all know season 3 had an undeserved ending, it’s like we wanted a solid conclusion but the crew wanted us to wait longer and save our curiosity streams for Virgin River season 4. That dilemma of Preacher at the ending, Mel and Jack who will have to face consequences they didn’t expect to and not to forget Hope and Doc, whose existence remains no longer, we all do want a Virgin River season 4, right fans? 

Based on a few hunches, the case may be that Ricky will make his decision on enlisting after which he’ll have to disappear from the Virgin River as well as leave Lizzy behind! Most probably, Christopher and Paige will have a reunion, Charmaine may welcome twins in her life and we may as well see the twist in Todd, their biological father Jack, and her custody, and lastly, the killer of Jack’s death may finally be revealed because we’re aware of Jack’s complicated relationship with Mel who he’s supposed to have kids with but does so with Charmaine instead.

Mel’s tormenting past after losing her husband already made her weak and doubtful about her relationship with Jack and yet Jack’s death was emotional exhaustion that she had to go through once again. Mel gives Jack a turn down as well when he finds out the baby isn’t his. Virgin River season 4 sure has a lot to cover from the previous season and this better be a complete version of what we’re looking for.

What can be expected from Virgin River season 4?

  • When Jack’s sister revealed her secret to Mel about getting raped in Sacramento, her pain was priceless as she was suffering from that night. Therefore, she was planning to leave the town but the doubt arises as to whether she will consider Brady or not. We might fight out in Virgin River season 4. 
  • There might be more to Jack and Charmaine’s relationship this time. Since Jack wanted equal custody for his kids, Charmaine’s new husband Todd didn’t want anyone else to come between them. This calls for more trouble in Virgin River season 4.  
  • While Paige is a wanted criminal and she might think of turning herself in, she fears her son Christopher would end up with her abusive ex-husband Wes who unexpectedly came in at the end of season 3. 
  • A new medical diagnosis is expected on the Doc’s side in Virgin River season 4. Of course, his partnership with Jack cannot be forgotten, there’s a strong link we get right there. 
  • Jack and Mel are still in a bubble thinking about having their children. Mel cannot risk her feelings after her ex-husband Mark’s death while Jack secretly became a father of two with Charmaine and doubts himself if he could take the burden of a third child.
  • Mel has yet to tell us whose child she has? If she stored her husband’s sperm, it’s more likely to be his. On the other hand, Jack may be the parent of that child too. Virgin River season 4 needs to clarify for the audience now.
  • Doc finds out that Hope had to go through a devastating experience after a car accident and her condition in the coma does not guarantee her revival any soon. Maybe Virgin River season 2 will clear it out if she survives or not.
  • Doc may have children. When an unexpected guest appears at the finale of season 2 claiming to be searching for his grandfather, it was still not revealed whether Doc had children or even had a grandson!
  • Brady may insist that he’s innocent yet the police find a gun in his car after executing a search warrant to Brady’s house. So is it him or Calvin? This time, we’ll see in Virgin River season 4. Hold your horses, people.

What will be the cast of the Virgin River season 4

  1. Alexandra Breckenridge (Mel)
  2. Martin Henderson (Jack)
  3. Daniel Gillies (Mark)
  4. Colin Lawrence (Preacher)
  5. Annette O’ Tool (Hope)
  6. Tim Matheson (Doc)
  7. Ben Hollingsworth (Dan Brady)
  8. Melinda Dahl (Stacie)
  9. Zibby Allen (Brie Sheridan)
  10. Stacey Farber (Tara Anderson)
  11. Sarah Dugdale (Lizzie)

The characters cast in green are expected to be part of Virgin River season 4 and the ones coded in red may be new characters according to what some sources have stated. Let’s see what surprises each of these characters will give us all in Virgin River season 4. 

Where can I watch the trailer for Virgin River season 4?

For now, we don’t have any updates for the trailer of Virgin River season 4, if something new comes up, don’t forget to visit our site next time because we’ll bring the most authentic, original, and latest updates about everything you need to find out about Virgin River season 4. Stay tuned!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the release date for Virgin River season 4?

It isn’t confirmed yet, but many sources state it might release in the early spring of 2022 or, the summer.

Where can I watch the trailer of Virgin River season 4?

It is not available yet. If it will be, we’ll update very soon.

What is the cast for Virgin River season 4?

You may take a look at the article above for more information. 

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