ssr movies | What does it offer?

ssr movies is a torrent website that allows users to access Bollywood, Hollywood, and Punjabi movies for free. These movies are usually produced recently and uploaded right away on ssr movies in picture quality ranging from 360p to 720p and later updated with HD versions.

Should you consider ssr movies?

ssr movies are popularly known as an illegal, pirated website that breaches the law by leaking new movies on its website, which according to law is illegal. So if you don’t want to risk it, you should not consider moving further with ssr movies and rather choose safer methods for entertainment purposes. Moreover, ssr movies make money through PPC (pay per click) advertising when you click on any ads as soon as the website loads and it may spy on you if you do so, so beware fellows!

Categories offered by ssr movies

ssr movies offer a range of Indian movies in languages such as Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil and a wide range of genres that you can keep on searching. You can download these movies in a variety of formats available and watch them with easy and speedier access as you download your favorite movies.

ssr movies vs Downloadhub

ssr movies and Downloadhub are both illegal, pirated platforms that enable users to stream and download free movies online. While ssr movies offer a resolution of 360p to 720p, Downloadhub offers a resolution ranging from 300-1080p. ssr movies offer Indian movies in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages while Downloadhub offers the same languages in addition to Malayalam, Marathi, and much more than that.

When considering the safety of users, Downloadhub is quite safer than ssr movies as there are no uploads of movies by anonymous entities. Furthermore, Downloadhub offers users a pre-installed ‘dual audio’ feature that is suitable to users with language barriers while ssr movies do not have that kind of facility for users.

Lastly, ssr movies do not offer a wide range of web series as its main focus is movies but Downloadhub offers a good number of web series in comparison with ssr movies although ssr movies do allow users to watch shows or dramas in some cases, unlike Downloadhub.

How to download movies from ssr movies?

  1. Go to search bar of ssr movies
  1. Choose a movie to download
  1. Click on ‘Download link’ to download the movie

If you want to watch the movie online, choose ‘get watch online links’. If you want to download the movie, then choose ‘Get Download links’ and if you want to store it in your GDrive and then download it, choose ‘GDrive & high-speed links’.

  1. Wait for 5-10 seconds to generate the download link
  1. Click on ‘click to generate link’
  1. Click on ‘please wait again’
  1. Click to continue
  1. Click on a link to get the download link

It is preferred that you choose the 4th link, ‘’ but you can select any of these links.

  1. Click on the ‘Create Download link’
  1. Your file will start to download

First, go back to the page where you selected ‘Create Download link’ again and then come back again to this page and your download link will appear below.

It surely takes you to a lot of different pages but if free movies are what you’re looking for, then no payment will require you to follow other steps for something in return, but it’s worth it because now you can watch your favorite movie and enjoy it.

However, if your country does not allow you to access ssr movies then you may install a VPN extension on your laptop/pc or, a VPN on your phone. After the installation, change your location to USA and your IP Address shall be changed. Once your IP Address changes, try to access ssr movies and it will work just like it should. It’s that simple. That is all about this website so stay tuned for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to download movies from ssr?

You can go through the steps mentioned above in this article. Everything you need is there.

Why are ssr movies illegal?

Because it uploads copyrighted content illegally on its website which is not right according to the law. Users may be fined huge amounts if they’re found out downloading movies from this website.

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