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Nike is a popular American brand that occupies more than 60% of the market for sports shoes. It has emerged as the world’s largest supplier of athletic wear and apparel as well as other sports equipment. The company was formed in 1964. In the beginning, it was called Blue Ribbon Sports and it sold Onitsuka Tiger sneakers. Everything changed in 1971, when Phil Knight-the founder, decided to launch his line of products under the Nike brand. The emblem is believed to be related to the Greek goddess of Victory. In the Nike logo, the swoosh was designed by a graphic student. The swoosh is believed to represent the wing of a celestial woman, which is a mythological symbol of victory and speed. The founder Phil Knight said that a graphic sign is just a drawing that conveys energy and movement.

Many people have ambiguity about the logo font of Nike. If you are looking for Nike-like Font styles, we have got you covered.

Why is Nike Font so famous?

The Nike Font is very famous and has been the most searched font on the internet. The font used is Futura Extra Bold Condensed, along with manual tweaks: tightened spacing and slanting. There are 22 styles within the family pack of Futura. This Nike font was initially presented in 1928 by Bauer Type Foundry. Later in 1936,  Paul Renner designed this and published it through Linotype.

Where can I download Nike Font from?

The font used for the “NIKE” lettering is an italicized Impact, a sans serif typeface created by Geoffrey Lee in 1965. It is a commercial font and could be used for personal use only. Free Nike font can be downloaded here.

If you visit Nike’s site you will see that Nike has almost transitioned to Trade Gothic as the number one typeface for the brand. Be that as it may, a few regions of the website online using Futura Extra Bold Condensed, but predominantly, it is Trade Gothic Bold Condensed being used anywhere. The font can only be used for personal use. If you would like to use it commercially you want to purchase it.

We have a TTF version of the Nike Font. Download here.


NameNike Font
Typeopen type, true type
Designer Paul Renner
Style Sans-Serif
File FormatOTF TTF

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What font is Nike like font?

Despite a large number of fonts available in the market, Nike Font is famous for all. However, Antonio is the most similar Google Font to Nike Font.

Which font is best for a logo?

Bebus Neue
Vast Shadow
Cloud Sans
Qanelas Soft

Where can I download the Nike font from?

FontGet.com has the largest selection of Nike like Font.

What is the type of Nike Font?

Nike Font is a Sans Serif typeface with unique tweaks.

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