why was cat crazy in victorious?

why was cat crazy in victorious is a question many fans of Victorious have been curious to find out. When it comes to America’s most top-ranked singers, the audience can’t resist why Ariana Grande has to play a weird character when she can do much better than this. Before we know why was cat crazy in victorious, it will be better to know a bit about her character.

Who is Cat?

Cat, short for Catarina Valentine is played by the famous American pop singer Ariana Grande, who is the most-watched artist nowadays. Among the eight cast members in Victorious, Cat is one of the main characters. On one hand, Cat has a bubbly and cheerful side to her while on the other hand, she is known as the most annoyingly crazy member of Victorious.

Maybe that’s why Cat was crazy in Victorious.  In addition to her crazy side, she hardly gets angry but is super sensitive, another reason why cat was crazy in victorious. When a person has two extreme sides to their character, they’re likely to act crazier than normal people. In the show, she is Tori and Jade’s best friend while Robbie has a crush on her. Cat is also seen as the protagonist of the sit-com show ‘Sam and Cat’ and her character is just the same which is why cat was crazy in victorious and sam and cat as well.

Why was cat crazy in victorious?

There are several reasons pinpointed by different sources for why was cat crazy in victorious. Let’s find out why.

  1. Not so loving parents

It was known to everyone that Cat’s parents did not pay attention to her or provide her with the kind of care and affection she needed especially when her brother started going through mental health issues. This affected her personality to be more fluctuating in emotions which is why cat was crazy in victorious. 

  1. Cat was bipolar

This wasn’t prominent to many fans in the show but in the preceding episodes, Cat acted quite strangely when it came to gender problems. Some of these symptoms were excessive self-esteem, a chatterbox than she would normally talk, and having weird thoughts being aroused coming from nowhere. These reasons might prove why cat was crazy in victorious, very well. 

  1. Split personality

This means she was autistic and suffered physical abuse from her brother who had serious psychopath issues. This may be why cat was crazy in victorious since her emotions and expressions were unpredictable to most of her friends.

  1. Bipolar disorder

This was discussed earlier but another reason disclosed later about why was cat crazy in victorious was because of how she has chemical imbalance either because of genetics or that she had gone through traumatic experiences. This is also one of the most common reasons known to the public for why was cat crazy in victorious

  1. Ariana Grande was attached to the character

To many people,  this came as a shock when in 2014’s Grammy awards, Ariana Grande expressed her genuine views about how she was attached to Cat Valentine’s loveable character and turned all negativity into bright and charming experiences. She chose to stay the same way which is why cat was crazy in victorious and will be to date.

  1. Fans love Cat’s character

Surprisingly, many fans stated that they admired Cat Valentine’s bubbly character more than the perfect Tori in Victorious. Unlike others, Cat was fearless, smarter, and braver than anyone of them. Several people could relate their personality disorders similar to that of Cat’s and that’s what we can say about why was cat crazy in victorious and she will remain like that to keep her fans smiling and carefree.

Why is it okay to be crazy

To many people, crazy characters speak more than their craziness. That can be a series of depressing moments to a time when you have the most memorable experience. Sometimes, people act dumb because they don’t want others to know the traumatic events they are going through every day, and while people asked why was cat crazy in victorious when she did that, the true fans would understand clearly the meaning behind all of this.

In recent talk shows, fans have portrayed their views for how Cat Valentine is a character relatable to many in society and why it gives relief to some fans as well. It is okay to be crazy since no one can help us every time, it is better to keep our pains to ourselves and find a way out on our own and instead spend quality time with our friends and tell everyone, ‘I’m okay when things are really not.

No one sticks till the end, therefore, Cat’s character is a good example to let people know that they should be crazy sometimes so they can forget all their worries for some while and live in the moment. Life is too short to be too serious all the time. This theory may hence explain why was cat crazy in victorious and that’s about it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why was cat crazy in sam and cat?

Cat has the same character she has in Victorious. This may explain why she was crazy in sam and cat as well. To find out the reasons, you may check the article above.

Why does Cat Valentine talk like that?

To keep her depressing moments aside, Cat would often talk to people with her high-pitched excited voice.

Does Cat from Victorious have mental problems?

Yes, she does. It may be because of issues in her family. Her parents don’t give her much time and her brother abuses her.

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