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The White Lotus portrays a deep meaning to the show’s words itself. As guests of a special Hawaiian resort spend the week relaxing and rejuvenating in paradise, the series presents a social satire depicting their vacations. The White Lotus is a miniseries with only 6 episodes where the guests are supposed to be pampered and treated like favored children. An action-packed Hawaiian vacation ends with The White Lotus.

In addition to providing strange, offbeat, and sometimes shady music, Mike White, the man behind the White Lotus has a lifetime of experience in giving the viewers something totally out of the blue. Yes, the same man who directed ‘School of Rock’ and ‘Call me a philistine’ are some of his finest works but The White Lotus is on a different level if you feel something is still missing after watching shows like ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ or ‘Love Island. Many sources suggest that The White Lotus is not like any traditional Rom-Com that viewers watch every other day but takes unexpected twists as the story advances with each episode. Watch this trailer to get a good idea about The White Lotus.

The White Lotus plot

In the White Lotus, while waiting for his boarding flight to this exclusive resort, the inarticulate and less talkative Shane (Jake Lacy) manages to start up a light conversation with the other guests who await for the same journey when they’re informed about a dead body going to be on the same plane they would seat in. With this shocking beginning in the plot, The White Lotus shakes viewers and makes them curious to know what happens next. It’s a bit strange the way these guests are brought to their destination on a boat that’s not just a boat scene but one with major clues and a strong feeling as if something big is about to happen spot on. It might be the case that this trip is a deep scheme planned and plotted especially for these people but the staff makes it look like everything’s so wonderful on a warm summer day. And that’s just the beginning of The White Lotus.

The White Lotus cast 

Starting with the top left corner in the picture below, the following members are cast in The White Lotus:

  1. Murray Bartlett as Armond
  2. Connie Britton as Nicole
  3. Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya
  4. Alexandra Daddario as Rachel
  5. Fred Hechinger as Quinn
  6. Jake Lacy as Shane
  7. Brittany O’Grady as Paula
  8. Natasha Rothwell as Belinda
  9. Sydney Sweeney as Olivia
  10.  Steve Zahn as Mark

You might want to look at the shooting scene of The White Lotus and some words from the creator Mike White: Read More

The White Lotus Video

What happens in Episode 1? ‘Arrival’

The 1st episode of The White Lotus premiered on the 11th of July, 2021 and here we discuss the plot in a bit more detail. Continuing from where we left, when all guests arrive at The White Lotus, the Hawaiian resort in a boat, they are greeted by a couple (Armond, the manager, and Loni, his wife) in bright coral whose shirts are a perfect match; the man holds a clipboard and his wife carries a tray of fresh towels.

Their goal is to create a perception in the minds of the wealthy guests that they are provided with whatever they need but they cannot differentiate between what they want and what they do not want, but they are satisfied as long as they’re getting what they want. The White Lotus leaves a strange feeling in the viewers’ minds. It is intended that their guests see their workers as the most ‘generous’ and provide the best service. Amid non-native and native Hawaiians, The White Lotus focuses a lot on getting into the minds of all guests and figuring out what every individual thinks of the other guest.

While Loni is a bit reluctant to serve the endless demands of the royal guests, Edmond acts all cool and calm so they won’t notice something fishy. She merely took this job as a necessity despite her pregnant status. In the meantime, Shane is unhappy with the arrangement of rooms for him and his journalist wife Rachel even after double-checking if it’s the right destination. Armond and Loni have to make the guests feel like they’re the chosen ones and give them all the attention they can have. On her way to the pool after she disagrees with Shane about the rooms, Rachel meets ‘Olivia’ a college sophomore and daughter of Nicole and Mark who interrogates Rachel about her married life with Shane.

Meanwhile, The White Lotus sees an entry of a new character Tanya who is visiting the island with the sorrow of her mother’s death in her heart and wanted to place the ashes nearby; but she is later joined by Belinda, a warm and understanding spa manager who shares her mother’s passing away with Tanya at the same time and both characters develop a good understanding for each others’ circumstances. On the other hand, Nicole advises Mark to spend some time with his son Quinn who is left alone after Olivia, his sister leaves him be and hangs around with her sidekick friend Paula, who is involved in drug use.

The same night, Armond’s wife Loni delivers her baby unexpectedly in his office which spreads the news pretty quickly and brings them under the spotlight and in the eyes of the guests staying over who keep popping questions and inquiring about the couple until Armond is unable to maintain his composure. And the ending of this first episode of The White Lotus is rather distressing with the champagne problems bubbling in the guests’ rooms while a drama is seen at Armond and his wife’s end which they have to take care of. This was a synopsis for the 1st episode of The White Lotus and fans await episodes since lots of things remain unclear and clueless about what’s going to happen next.

What does The White Lotus depict?

It’s like total strangers meet in one place and each one of them has a different story to tell but the way every character gets to meet someone new and spend memorable time with them rather than just family members they came to The White Lotus. The creator of the TV show embezzles the audience about why the staff has to be the way they are and why they have to act all okay and kind when that’s not the case in general. Once the guests and staff meet each other, the plot seems too compelling to leave it aside. What happens in The White Lotus is not the target but how the actors react to every scene. When Armond acts all sweet and sublime with rich spoiled brat Shane, it may leave the viewers thinking that either he is too kind or he will do something awful in the upcoming episodes which is the secret of The White Lotus as we take a glimpse into the 1st episode of the series.

The White Lotus on the other hand has been a new addition to the characters played by many cast members. Rachel for example, (Daddario) almost played her roles as royal and mistress previously, but in The White Lotus, she gets to be controlled and manipulated by her husband so that’s a different role she plays here. Moreover, Tanya has played in famous movies like ‘The Legally Blonde’ and ‘The American Pie’ as the bold type but in The White Lotus, she gets to be more composed and a mature peep who has gone through a hell of a life. 

Messages portrayed by The White Lotus

  • A way of showing the discrimination to the poor in the presence of the wealthier
  • How those with money can easily manipulate one and put them in some irreversible situation (Paula and the bellboy)
  • The rich can never be punished for their bad deeds
  • The balance between comedy, mystery, romance, and spicy gossip everyone loves to hear
  • Not all wealthy people are intelligent; some are dumb too
  • The characters are all profoundly irritating and unnerving to watch
  • It’s not always the wealthy who can trick people, when it comes to the underprivileged, their life skills can turn the tables any minute (Armond’s treatment towards the guests and his plans underneath the evil mind)
  • A murder mystery combined with the nostalgic stories of the rich people
  • They have a problem that is aggravated by some underlying unhappiness in their lives
  • Ultimately, the only sensation ultra-wealthy people can chase is the sensation of being at the center of the universe.
  • Taking your reality into your own hands is all that’s left after you’ve bought anything. Comedy has never been more awkward, but also more rewarding.

Final Words for The White Lotus

It is unlikely that everyone will find The White Lotus appealing, but it is in keeping with HBO’s aesthetic of rich, conniving jerks who kill people with their toxic personal traits. The constant jumble of needy guests and eager, but sharply shifty, employees creates a funny dynamic and eases the discomfort of hanging out with a bunch of unlikable characters. Stay tuned for more information about The White Lotus! You can watch the show on Netflix now.

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