Stranded deep multiplayer | What is this game?

Stranded deep multiplayer is the multiplayer mode of the well-known simulation game Stranded deep so a brief note about this game will better help you analyze Stranded deep multiplayer mode. The game sets two main choices for visitors who have been stranded on the Pacific Ocean after a plane crash: either survive or die! You must do whatever you can to keep yourself alive. So if you want to play Stranded deep multiplayer, you better learn the tactics of this game to win over your opponent.

How to play Stranded deep?

Find out more in this tutorial.


You must make use of the broken materials that you may spot while searching to find yourself a shelter. But you must find some pieces and build a house with whatever you have if you want to survive. When you’ll play Stranded deep multiplayer, it’ll all be about a first come first serve basis, so make good use of the limited resources.

  1. Explore

This is where you begin your search for some tools, supplies, and material that you find on land and in the ocean to build yourself a solid shelter. If you want to stay alive, be vigilant otherwise Stranded deep multiplayer will become a challenge to you.

  1. Survive

You can live without food so search harder for some fish and animal skins to grab all that you can to stay alive in this place. It’ll be harder when you’ll play Stranded deep multiplayer mode with more than two people. 

  1. Stay alive

Be alert, keep your tummy filled and your body hydrated at all times because you’ll need to have a stronger build-up to survive in this place and save yourself from any dangerous creatures. 

What is the Stranded deep multiplayer mode?

This is a partially-supported game mode of Stranded deep that enables two people to play in the same world simultaneously and it is not available for the console editions of the game originally. 


Stranded deep multiplayer is only available on PC in either steam games or epic games platforms.

Stranded deep multiplayer is not supported online. You can play in split-screen mode or in Couch Co-op. It is still a mystery if Stranded deep multiplayer will be available online or not. If you want to play on the split-screen, go through the following link:

Even if you’re using two keyboards, Stranded deep multiplayer still requires one player to use a controller. It has something to do with the game mode not being able to tell properly if two players are playing at one time despite its ability to differentiate between two keyboards and mice.

How to play split-screen locally in Stranded deep multiplayer?

  1. You need to connect a controller to your pc and open Stranded deep. Formats supported include XInput from Xbox
  2. Choose options > input settings > controllers > ‘Keyboard and mouse’ and ‘XInput Gamepad 1’ 
  1. Make sure to connect player 2’s controller to the input as well

On the right side of the ‘Keyboard and Mouse’ option, ‘P1’ should appear. For the ‘Gamepad’ option, it will display ‘None’. Click on none again and ‘P2’ should appear now.

  1. Select co-op (cooperative mode) and not ‘single-player mode for launching the Stranded deep multiplayer mode. You both can now choose your avatars.

How to play the split-screen mode online?

One of you must own the game while player 2’s controller must be connected as discussed earlier. Note that Stranded deep multiplayer is not available on Xbox yet. For now, that’s all you need to know how to play Stranded deep multiplayer, good luck with staying alive!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Stranded deep multiplayer on console?

Yes, it is. 

How to play Stranded deep multiplayer on PS4?

You may watch this trailer that can give you some information.

Is Stranded deep multiplayer on PS5?

Not yet. 

How to play Stranded deep multiplayer on pc?

You may go through the article above. All that you need is there.

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