Raising Kanan | Episode 1 ‘Back in the day’

Raising Kanan is the perfect show to binge-watch for folks whose hormones long for pre-historic times. Raising Kanan is getting popular nowadays due to its prequel ‘Power Book 3’ that has been in the spotlight for its unique and classic feels that many viewers are desperate to enjoy this summer. Some people say Raising Kanan is the portal that transports you back in the past. Even a writer expressed his views about growing up in the same vicinity that was refreshed in his memories when he watched the previous seasons; it’s like watching your childhood experience from when you grew up in your neighborhood in New York, that’s what’s Raising Kanan feels like. 

The story of Raising Kanan

The story of Raising Kanan begins with a young boy named ‘Kanan’ who gets involved in a fight in a park and ends up getting beaten. It wasn’t a win-win situation for him from the beginning as he was fighting for survival from grown-up guys who cruelly thumped on him. Even his sidekick partner and cousin Jukebox couldn’t lend him a hand and instead was forced to break the ‘90s playground rule no 1: when one family member fights, everyone fights. But Raising Kanan’s plot was designed in a way that suited Kanan’s positive thinking from the start; despite the unfairness of the fight, he still feels entitled to a victory. 

The unique side of ‘Raquel’ in Raising Kanan, Power Book 3

In humiliation, Kanan runs home and cries on the sidewalk, while getting interrupted by his drug trafficker momma, Raquel. Her character in Raising Kanan isn’t the classy, generous mommy type as she has her drug supply chain, and being a single parent, raising kids isn’t a one day job; but when it comes to her kid, like other moms, Raquel feels concerned in a way only the South Jamaicans do: to fight against the group of boys again! With her manpower strength, she drags Kanan to the park, makes him confront those guys who jumped on him and even makes him fight with a ‘home-made’ weapon this time with batteries stuffed in his sock.

It isn’t a coincidence that Raising Kanan isn’t the cliché Rom-com where a man comes to rescue his woman, it’s a story about a kid raised strong and independent from, scratch where kids have to make it look like they can do well all by themselves; looking for his mother’s approval from a distance, Kanan reclaims his reputation in the park. The story of Raquel’s mothering in Raising Kanan is evident throughout episode one.

The way she talks about her son makes it clear that she loves him, and she also wants to improve his life. To discuss Kanan’s promising future, she takes him to meet with the principal. Other than that, the Power universe (Raising Kanan) has two other smart male characters, James and Tariq St. Patrick. Nevertheless, Kanan chooses to walk the streets, like St. Patrick. 

People in Kanan’s life

In the Rising Kanan, viewers have introduced to several significant people in Kanan’s life: His favorite cousin Jukebox; He’s infatuated with Davina; His best friend Shane ‘Famous’ Figueroa; Uncles Lou Lou and Marvin; and the Southside’s well-known drug dealer Unique who is also his mother’s competition.  50 Cent, who plays an older Kanan, narrates the story of Raising Kanan, Power Book 3, and contributes to the building of characters eventually. 50 doesn’t appear in the series because we’re all familiar with Kanan’s tragic end. Nevertheless, hearing his voice makes the prequel feel genuine and comforting.

Guns, romance, and murders!

As a former Power writer, Sascha Penn delivers a few action-packed scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Having witnessed the brutal actions of a rude-ass publicist, Raquel arranges for the dog to be microwaved to death. At the beginning of this episode, a shootout at a diner is meant to ascertain Raquel’s safety, but unexpectedly, a murder occurs. While Raising Kanan is chock full of the same plot elements as Power and Power Book II – drugs, guns, shootouts, and romance – the story does not become tedious. There is an element of “good girl wants bad guy” in the romance of the series. However, Raq turns viewers’ expectations upside down when it comes to the writing. 

As she sits at Hugo Sanchez’s bar, Symphony Bosket, a stunning bartender with a killer name, ponders her future. As for Symphony, well, she’s an Urban Planning graduate student. Raq is the bad girl, the drug dealer. Never touched a gun before – he probably didn’t even know how to hold one. To this point, the love triangle of Kanan, Davina, and Buck as well as the romantic relationship of Jessica and Lou Lou remains as the good girl and bad guy plot and this kind of romance is always an interest to viewers such as in 365 Days. It does sound interesting how these relationships will progress in Power Book 3, the prequel of Raising Kanan.  

Uncanny relationships between families of the Raising Kanan

Despite being divided and polarized, the Thomas family is more united and loving than the current world’s other families, the Patrick’s and Tejada’s. Before the shootout, they dine together at the local diner and laugh. In comparison to other Power episodes of Raising Kanan, the energy felt far less tense.

The jukebox was praised for its outstanding performance in rehearsal earlier that day as the family ate dinner. Also boasting, Raquel highlights the new specialized high school Kanan has received deserving of his fee. The principal also contacted Jukebox, but her father Uncle Marvin turned down the proposal. His quip about Jukebox is forgotten at the table as he jokes about it. While the argument between Raquel and Marvin is played very subtly here, the writers are comparing their parenting styles and their desires for their children.

Kanan’s refusal to attend ‘predominant white high school’

In the Raising Kanan Power Book 3, Stuyvesant High School, with its predominantly white, million-dollar student body, cannot be Kanan’s first choice. The specialized treatment with only white people makes him resistant to attend it. Having trouble convincing his mother that he knows more than she does about the business, he tries his best to do it till the very end.

When he is asked what would happen to him if his mother were murdered, he is concerned for her safety and for his future. Curtis and Miller illustrate a mother and son’s loving, close relationship, tugging at viewers’ heartstrings in Raising Kanan. While Raquel insists that she be protected by her son, Raquel refuses to welcome him into the family business due to his vulnerability and pleas. Despite this, Kanan deliberately fails his entrance exam against her wishes.

Raquel’s the strongest woman in the Raising Kanan 

Raquel has already proven herself to be one of Raising Kanan’s toughest women. She appears unfazed by her male rival Unique and was able to hold her own during the conversation. The terms regarding block shares to be awarded are determined, and Raquel is the one who negotiates them: Unique gets 140th street to 143rd street, and Raq gets 144th street to Sutphin Blvd. As a result, Raquel doesn’t tell her brothers or her son that Unique’s men are on the corners of 140th Street and hers, so Kanan simply decides to go deal with Unique himself instead of waiting for Raquel to share.

Buck Twenty’s murder

During the battle between Kanan and D Wiz, Kanan and D Wiz accidentally kill Buck Twenty, a member of Unique’s team and Davina’s boyfriend. Kanan’s first murder is slowly dramatized in Raising Kanan, with not sure who’s the culprit, both of them speculate about who caused the damage. On his face, he carries his emotions from aggression and anger to remorse and regrets from the moment they turn the corner. Buck Twenty managed to grab Kanan by the neck amid their shock as they remained standing over Buck Twenty’s almost lifeless body. 

Ultimately, Kanan’s decision put the family at risk, straining the relationship between him and his mother temporarily. She grounds Kanan putting her motherly responsibilities before her kingpin role. In seconds, however, those identities become blurred when she is tasked with protecting Kanan from being killed by Unique’s crew and interrogated by the policemen. When Unique and Raq return to the meeting location to talk about business, the story of Raising Kanan turns full circle. In this case, Raq is powerless to negotiate and has no power to force Unique to compromise in light of Kanan’s actions. During the discussion, he questions her ability to be both a mother and a drug dealer but thankfully, the choice she makes at the end of the episode feels right for her and Kanan. 

Raising Kanan cast

According to sources, the following people are expected to be in Raising Kanan’s prequel, Power Book 3: 

  • Mekai Curtis (Kanan Stark)
  • Patina Miller (Raquel Thomas)
  • Malcolm Mays as (Lou Lou Thomas)
  • Hailey Kilgore as Jukebox
  • Joey Bada$$ as Unique
  • Quincy Brown as Crown Camacho
  • Lovie Simone as Davina Harrison
  • Omar Epps as Detective Malcolm Howard
  • Shanley Caswell as Detective Shannon Burke
  • Toby Sandeman as Symphony Bosket
  • London Brown as Marvin Thomas

Who won’t be in Raising Kanan?

Unfortunately, Ghost and Tommy won’t be appearing in Power Book 3 based on recent sources. Also, Omari Hardwick won’t return since his part is complete in season 6 after he passed away. 

Thoughts on Raising Kanan

Even according to the platform ‘STARZ’, Raising Kanan is a series focused on the betrayals of people, their secrets, lies and how they come to be, and ultimately how they become manifest. The show will introduce us to various themes that define Kanan’s character. Despite the anarchy that often plagues his day-to-day life, Kanan’s family sometimes provides him with refuge and the chance to unwind. 

Raising Kanan – release date

The second episode of season two will air on Sunday, July 18th. 

Episode 2 | Reaping and Sowing synopsis

Ahead of Raquel’s family and Raquel’s drug game, Unique is ready to be on top of the game. According to Det. Howard, there can only be one king in the kingdom. It appears that the corrupt cop will support Unique over Raquel. A warning from Raq tells Unique that Buck had to be murdered by someone. It’s his first day at school and behind the curtains, Kanan is going through a terrible situation to feel remorse for murdering an entire human. They plot to get revenge on him because he doesn’t vibe with them. According to rumors, Kanan and Buck argued. In an instant, a car full of killers is on its way to catch Kanan on his way to school.

Raising Kanan | Production team

Sascha Penn created the show, while the executive producers are 50 Cent, Mark Canton, Courtney A. Kemp, Danielle De Jesus, Chris Selak, Shana Stein, and Bart Wenrich.

Where can I watch Raising Kanan?

You can either watch Raising Kanan on Starz.com or the Starz app which is available in AppStore, Google Play and Amazon. Starz has a 7-day free trial so you can take advantage of this opportunity and watch Raising Kanan for free.  The Starz Channel is available through the Philo streaming service (for an additional $9 per month – a free trial is available for new subscribers) or the FuboTV service for an extra $8.99 per month though,

Challenges while shooting Raising Kanan: Power Book 3

Curtis was concerned more with the continuity of the characters than the franchise as a whole. Jackson, who originated the role of Stark, set high standards for him, which proved to be the harshest aspect of the role. Nonetheless, he believes it has its narrative, as he should, in Raising Kanan. The world it inhabits is fundamentally it’s own. Moreover, power has brought Kanan and Jukebox over.

As an avid Power fan, Joey Bada$$ shared that the audition opportunity jumped out at him as he was in a completely different era in New York. Despite his discomfort leading the character of Unique, he persisted in playing the part earlier on in his acting career, but he’s excited to be able to put his spin on this character. All he hopes is that fans will appreciate the show as much as he has. The only concern is that it is not a truly realistic portrayal of detective Howard, as legendary actor Epps plays the character. In response to a question regarding his expectations for the show, he responds that there are none.

A group of actors from Power says they hope the prequel will live up to the legacy of the show that inspired all of them. The epic stories and complex characters of Power have captivated television audiences since 2014. ‘I spiritually believe that I am not in the results business. I do whatever it is that I can do to the best of my ability and then all of the results are up to God’, says the producer. 

Find out more about the cast of Raising Kanan through the following links: Cast

That is all about Raising Kanan and we’ll be sure to update more to you so, stay tuned!

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