I hate summer?

I hate Summer. WELL, it is bloody here. Bloody, bloody here. It is summer and I am panicky and frenzy. The sun has returned once AGAIN, and I cannot seem to adjust to this weather— like always. The outdoor barbeques, pool parties, lawn get-togethers, strappy clothes, quirky sandals, big-ass hats and, not to forget oversized sunglasses—I hate it. 

Yes, You heard it right! I hate summer! It is for fancy people—not for lethargic pigs like me. Will I be accepted by society? Well, who cares? I cannot come to terms with the pollen waiting to raid into my sinuses, mosquitoes, and bugs to irritate the heck out of me or chaffing my thighs like any pregnant lady— Nope, it is not for me. I like my bed covered with quilts, my large oversized hoodies and jackets, and my hot coffee. I am, indisputably, someone who can JUST not like summer at all.

I hate summer clothes

I have been questioned innumerable times, ‘How come you do not like summers?’ It is too pleasant, brilliant, and a social affair.’ Exactly! Artificial giggles, T-shirts and shorts, summer dresses, they do not excite me! I might come across as an insensitive person, but does that scale down my inexplicable hate for summer? NO. I like sticking to my grounds, so — I hate summer! 

I hate summer -Movie 2020 

Can’t believe there is a movie named: I hate Summer. It is a comedy film directed by Massimo Venier and starring Aldo, Giovanni, and Giacomo that will be released in 2020. The plot of the I Hate Summer Movie: Three families that don’t know any other and are very different from one another go on vacation to Puglia and end up sharing a house. 

Let me say a few words more. Do you feel touched by a wave of sadness, despair, and gloominess with winter arrival? Quiet evenings, the ill-lit sunsets, depressing-unwelcoming episodes of mood swings— You get the picture right— summer is like it for me. It is a perpetually unhappy time of the year for me. Hot weather makes me feel like a bird making efforts to be uncaged. To be free again!

I Hate Summer – A phobia?

As I said, it is for fancy people—those for whom squeezing down to minimal clothing requires nothing more than a little jab of moisturizer and sunscreen followed by a setting powder and a spritz of bronzer— that bloody it is. A quick glance in the mirror and they are outside to outshine the sun. Frankly speaking.

For a person who sweats pigs— literally—it is nothing but a miserable test. A battle to survive through months of sweating, feeling dreaded to even go out in humid weather, experimenting with futile tactics of keeping inner thighs and sockless feet un-chaffed. IT IS A HASSLE! Icing on the cake, if you get your periods, you are prone to more dizziness and fainting. Are we talking about BLOATING even here? Huh.

Because it is warm, even simple tasks get you exhausted within no time. Putting on makeup while constantly wiping away forehead and upper lip sweat? No. Straightening or curling my hair to look like an Easter egg? No. Going to work when my car is an oven burning my ass, and boobs sweat—Nobody talks about it— it is a big No.


These images say it all.

When I tell people I hate summer, they look at me with pity. They look at me as a child who has lost his mother and is wandering through places. I let their assumptions be sustained within them and enjoy my time while I turn my A/C down to 65 degrees. It is orgasmic, you know! Your idea of sunbathing, beach body and hiking is not, and never will be, my proposition of summer fun.

I Hate summer for cold weather

I love cold weather. Long sweaters, hoodies, cardigans, knee-high boots, and long coats… They all make me look so perfect. Cold weather food is one other thing that gets me high. They say, to everyone, there is a season, and to me, it is winter.

I hate summer for its long lost memories

How could you compare the summer of the mid-twenties to the carefree summer of teens? Things change with time, so do likes and dislikes. I hate summer because it gets me aggressive when we are forced to like something because it is collectively accepted by society. Why are we forced to relinquish the idea of loving summer for it is the season with less responsibility and more freedom? 

I know, I would not be spared even if I come with a placard that says I hate summer, my friends will still crash down group chats planning about the next picnic plan. I like how I am not left to feel alone. I am still part of group chats. But, maybe, we can next time plan for a Sunday brunch instead of a Frisbee match at the beach or pool-side barbeque party? Otherwise, I will be alright in my bed with curtains drawn and fingers crossed for the fall to arrive soon.

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