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Haiti President, Jovenel Moise was shot dead in his house in Port au Prince, on the 7th of July, 2021. Haiti President is the most trending search in the USA ever since the news came into the spotlight that many elements from this incident remain uncertain as to how everything happened too soon to take the record.

Haiti President Video

According to recent reports, 6 gunmen were heavily protected and shot the Haiti President as well as his wife, Martin Moise, who was also injured due to the attack and sent for treatment in the ‘Jackson Memorial Hospital’, situated in Miami, South Florida, as her condition worsened over the hours. The gun attack was shot in some CCTV footage, which captured drones shooting guns on the top part of the residence of the Haiti President.

Who were the 6 gunmen?

Nobody’s sure what to tell but a few details have been collected so far. Based on Haiti’s prime minister Claude Joseph, who covered up the news for the Haiti President, the suspects seem to belong to a foreign commando group who may have been experts at these skills. Some of these attackers were unidentified and were fluent in Spanish and it seemed fishy as to what business they’d have in the house of the Haiti President. This CCTV footage was able to capture a glimpse of the event. For More Detail Click Here

Why did this happen?

The Haiti President was already under the radar of many natives in the country. As Haiti is a poor country with not as many facilities as the rest of the capitals, the majority of the population disregarded the presidential role of the Haiti President because, during his tenure, several gang attacks, murders, and serious indictable offenses were common in Haiti, although the Haiti President according to the people did not put his best foot forward to take any action against these practices. Earlier this year, there were violent protests in many areas against the corruption of the government that was under the Haiti President. 

The Haiti President and his evil side

According to some people, Haiti President, Moise was seen as an autocrat who did not give attention to the consolidation of human rights in his country that became the sole reason for the protests. The Haiti President ordered courts to perform audits on public procurement contracts only and even created an intelligence service that would only report to him.

Alan Zamoya, an analyst at Control Risk, Haiti, stated that these attacks could be the response to the Haiti President’s elections and terrible reign during his government when security risks and corruption were the core to all of this. It is noted that 7 prime ministers resigned during the rule of the Haiti President.

He did not arrange and administer any vaccinations and vaccination centers and this was just a trigger for the faltering economy with high power struggles to stay on track. With this as the outcome, no one welcomed the second term tenure for the Haiti President. Moreover, press releases published about the history of Haiti as it had undergone 20 administrations that led to governmental changes from 1986-2010. Due to the earthquake in 2020, around 2 million people lost shelter and the economy contracted to 3.7%.

Despite its tormenting slump, Haiti was not governed by the Haiti President according to the expectations of many citizens. While on the positive, Haiti became the first independent nation in Latin America that had taken over French Colonial rule in 1803 and abolished slavery, however, in the current situation, the entire nation of Haiti wants everyone to stand united and bring prosperity once again. They demand justice to the unfair and the unequal and to fix the turmoil created by the Haiti President.  

Carrie Kahn’s statement 

On the eve of the day of the incident, NPR’s journalist Carrie Kahn predicted a few reasons for the assassination of the Haiti President. She claimed that Moise did far from what he promised when he won the elections. Keeping the poor conditions of Haiti in mind after the life-threatening earthquake in 2020 and the weakened security due to incompetent police force, the Haiti President wasn’t really able to govern Haiti as his, rather, he constituted new laws than fixing the trouble from the past. Given the recent events, Kahn assumed that the president’s death would just be another turmoil with the problems already on the line such as scarcity of food and increasing poverty in Haiti over the years.

Status of the 4 suspects

Standing beside Haiti’s prime minister, police chief Leon Charles mentioned that four of the suspects were shot right away by the police, circulating the situation to be a hostage situation, while the other two were still on the loose. These gunmen may have been ‘mercenaries’ according to some sources but their identities are yet to be disclosed to the world. During the attack, three policemen were also taken hostage but thankfully, they were safely discharged. Meanwhile, Haiti borders were closed and martial law was institutionalized for strict action. In consonance with the inspector’s statement, the suspects entered the house of the Haiti President by claiming to be US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents.

The bitter truth of Haiti

For many people living in Haiti, the attack on the Haiti President is not a coincidence as it is believed that ruining the country into economic repercussions, it was expected that such an incident could take place with the Haiti President. Even before this attack, there were strange events going on each day. A pool of gangs were scattered into the country and looting so many families that were trying to find some shelter to survive.

On the one hand, it was highlighted that 20 unknown people were killed last week and on the other hand, the Prime Minister twisted the statement by stating that 20 people were detained and they are working on finding their whereabouts but all without any updates. Sadly, these assailants are more armed than the policemen, and adding to the recent havoc, this has only caused confusion and anxiety nationwide and more questions by the public towards the legal bodies and the Government of Haiti.

It’s well known that these heartless gangs kidnap school children and church pastors that leave people wondering what was their fault. Prime Minister Claude Joseph did spread tranquility among the people but even his words could not render the situation at its best. What we know is that the police are trying to catch the leftover suspects and fight them with a gunfight in return. The most people can do now is to hope for a better leader and a democratic Government. 

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