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Gwen Stefani was born on the 3rd of October, 1969 in Fullerton, California. Her career in the music industry was influenced by her elder brother Eric, who played recordings of known bands of their time like Madness who was accompanied by her friend John Spencer as well as Tony Kanal.

Later, Gwen Stefani and the three men formed their rock band by the name of ‘No Doubt’ starring John as their lead singer, Gwen Stefani as the second vocalist, and the other two as musicians. However, John Spencer died from suicide in 1987 after which Gwen Stefani became the main vocalist of the band.

The rise of Gwen Stefani

In 1992, No doubt released its first album which went flop and could not catch the critic’s attention, and later in 1995, her brother Eric left the group that bridged a gap between their career. The same year, however, No Doubt was on fire after its album release of Tragic Kingdom and from that point on, Gwen Stefani had seen fame, glory, and a lot of love from her fans. In the 2000s, No Doubt disbanded and this gave Gwen Stefani a chance to shine in her music career.

Albums of No doubt that led to Gwen Stefani’s fame

Check out the links below to listen to her tracks from each album

  1. The Singles Collections
  1. Tragic Kingdom (1995)
  1. Love Angel Music Baby (2004)
  1. The Sweet Escape (2006)
  1. This Is What The Truth Feels Like (2016)
  1. You make it feel like Christmas (2017)

From 2002 onwards, Gwen Stefani began her solo career which gave her a boom in her music career. She ranked with artists like Madonna, Pharrell Williams, and Maroon 5’s Lead singer, Adam Levine and since then her albums have been a big hit. Later in 2012, No Doubt revived and released their first studio album, ‘Push and Shove’ in 11 years and gained huge hits after then. 

Gwen Stefani and her journey in ‘The Voice’

In 2014, Gwen Stefani started a new journey by signing as a coach in the famous singing show ‘The Voice’ where her fellow judges were Adam Levine, Pharrell, Pharrell Williams, and Christina Aguilera. It was then that Blake Shelton, the country music singer, and coach, joined in Season 7 of the show. Gwen Stefani later left the show which has become one of the hottest topics in 2021 but there is more than one reason suspected. On one hand, it is believed that she has been replaced by Nick Jonas, a member of the well-known boy band group ‘Jonas Brothers’ which is why she decided to leave in 2021. But on the other side, she may be replaced by Nick Jonas because it would allow her to give some time to her solo career and her return to Las Vegas for ‘Just a Girl Residency’.

Gwen Stefani’s relationship with Blake Shelton

Early in 2015 when Blake Shelton joined ‘The Voice’ like any other judge, there seemed to be some chemistry developed between him and Gwen Stefani. Even the initial years of their relationship surprised the fans of how a modern fashionista like Gwen Stefani was all lovey-dovey with a classy, country guy who had recently joined the show. Although to the world, it was just a relationship between two different personalities, the two proved to be soulmates for each other when their divorce status left them unwinded and alone.

Gwen Stefani was married to Gavin Rossdale in 2002 and both became parents to a boy named Kingston on 26th May 2006. Their second son was born on 21st August 2008 and then the third on 28th February 2014. Both Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani announced their divorce in early 2015 and rumor has it that her husband had an affair with their nanny which left her heartbroken. 13 years of the marriage breaking apart all of a sudden is not that easy on anyone!

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It’s truly bad things that happen to you for a reason, and no doubt, Blake Shelton’s entry into Gwen Stefani’s life, right after her divorce, was indeed the beginning of a good future. Ever since they were together, Gwen Stefani released duet albums with Shelton named ‘Nobody like you and you and you ‘Happy Anywhere’ which topped country music charts for a long while.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s marriage

On October 27th, 2020, Blake Shelton proposed to Gwen Stefani and both got engaged in Oklahoma. When things become serious between the two love birds, who wouldn’t have expected the outcome? And then came the best day when Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani got married on 3rd July 2021 and are now officially lawful husband and wife. The lovely duo had their vows on Saturday in Blake’s ranch situated in Oklahoma and with excitement on her face, Stefani uploaded her couply photos on Instagram mentioning, ‘dreams come true. The picture above is taken from one of her posts that shows the couple seated in Shelton’s Golf car and Gwen Stefani raising her hands with flowers up in the sky, as cheerful as she could be. They posed in as many adorable and loving ways as they could, letting the world know that they both are enough for each other.

Decorations and clothing on the big day

Gwen Stefani opted for an ivory Vera Wang Haute silk georgette gown with a deep V-neck and high tulle skirt. She paired the dress with a cutting-aways back and fitted bodice. Rather than wearing a dress, Stefani donned a white silk robe with pink floral embellishments. Stefani’s dress was embroidered with three love birds, two of which are hand-sewn that symbolize the couple. Her three children were also represented by love birds. Her veil was hand-embroidered with names in dark eyeliner and a red lip for her wedding, keeping her hair simple with her long blonde locks pulled back under it. Her boots belonged to Le Silla and had crystals on top with her and Blake’s initials carved on the side, how cute is that! Among the accessories she wore were gold bangle bracelets, sparkly earrings, and a cross necklace. As for Shelton’s ensemble, he kept it slim and unique, similar to his mullet while in quarantine. Up top, he opted for a black tuxedo jacket over a white shirt, black vest, and light bow tie.

The pretty couple smooched in love holding glasses of wine and standing near their 5-tier wedding cake, topped with the statue of a bride and groom in a dancing pose. The aura was special that day with greenery surrounding the cliffside and sunset with pink shades in the sky. 

Intimate ceremony | Where did all this happen?

Shelton’s ranch, a small cozy chapel-like cottage, was the venue for the intimate ceremony. But there was more to these properties. 

Check out the huge mansion Shelton built for his wife Gwen Stefani. This is where they held a dinner to get together with their families. 

When many people already thought both Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were already husband and wife, Stefani’s response was rather surprising but also as if that was not such a bad idea. Their ultimate goal however was to call out a wedding with less glamour and more of a family dinner that would develop a warm and calm environment between Stefani and Shelton’s families. And that’s how the lovely couple are now officially a married couple, hubby and wifey as is. Like they say, “when two souls are meant to connect: location, timing, and circumstances are all irrelevant. They suddenly become a magnet for one another and despite efforts to fight it, the universe somehow manipulates it all in their favor and at that moment, when they finally give in, new love is born.”

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Gwen Stefani’s net worth?

Her net worth is estimated to be around USD 150 million (as of January 1, 2021)

Are Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani a couple?

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are married after five years of relationship. The wedding was conducted at Shelton’s ranch in Oklahoma. 

When did Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton get together?

Both of them first met in the reality show ‘The Voice’ in 2015 and got together later that year.

Who was at Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s wedding?

About 40 guests attended the wedding including her three sons Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo as well as her parents Patty FlynnPharrell and Dennis Stefani.

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