What is Twitter?

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites today that was launched in 2009. Twitter is a social media site which has more than 100 million active users and more than 500 million tweets posted daily. Twitter can be used to receive or spread the news, follow famous people or keep in touch with old buddies. You have complete rights on your account, you can decide which organization or people to follow that can develop your personal interests.

Twitter developed to turn into a web stage, they kept the cut off basically on the grounds that it lined up with Twitter’s image – Twitter is a web portal that is designed to produce profoundly skim-able substance for our tech-laden. Twitter has progressively expanded over the past 10+ years. It is essentially intended to at last to distribute data efficiently – while sometimes that data isn’t generally significant.

Elon Musk Twitter

Elon Musk is very open towards tweeting and uses twitter freely to convey his sentiments. Elon Musk enjoys Twitter, but the volatile and bizarre audience has not always been welcoming to him because he got a lot of indignation and reaction from its tweets.

It is fair to say that Elon Musk is a pretty chaotic Tweeter as he is the second wealthiest man in the world. Musk makes an effort to be humorous or eye-catching towards the audience but sometimes these acts don’t apply.

Elon Musk’s Tweets that made us laugh

Musk cancels Mars mission after it’s discovered to be flat 

At the point when Musk humorously contemplated why there was certifiably not a Flat Mars Society to remain in fortitude with the Flat Earth Society, the reaction from the level earthers couldn’t have been something more. The gathering tweeted at Musk saying Mars had been seen to be round. 

Musk has a great time saying that he is a lost outsider. 

How could it be feasible for one man to be the head of such countless forefront organizations and still figure out how to date Grimes? Musk appears to thoroughly enjoy denying the tales his fans should trust is in reality obvious.

Twitter assists Musk with savaging his own children 

Elon Musk asks Twitter for terrible jokes to use on his kids. However, from the vibes of Elon Musk Twitter, he needn’t bother with counsel on messy humour. 

April fools’ joke to near and dear ones

Musk has never covered up his battles with getting Tesla beneficial which makes this April fools’ joke far better in light of the fact that it’s really close.

Elon Musk’s Recent Tweets on Cryptocurrency 

Tesla will not acquire Bitcoin exchanges.

Elon Musk’s tweet on Tesla’s choice to not acknowledge installments in Bitcoin any longer because of environmental issues. This came as a major stun to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. A couple of hours after the underlying tweet, Musk likewise posted a graph on ‘Bitcoin power utilization’ condemning the ‘huge’ measure of energy used to create Bitcoin

Elon Musk runs a survey to settle on Doge approval at Tesla. 

Only a few of days prior to upbraiding Bitcoin, Elon Musk found out if Tesla ought to acknowledge installment in Dogecoin. He took the questionnaire to another level by gathering information on the microblogging website.

In addition, Musk’s new tweet comes only days after his business rocket organization, SpaceX, said that it would receive Dogecoin as installment. 

Tesla offered Bitcoin to demonstrate its liquidity as a money elective. 

Other than putting out tweets occasionally, Elon Musk is additionally extremely active with regards to answering tweets that he is labeled in.

At the point when an active user addressed Elon Musk on the off chance that he is purchasing Bitcoin and siphons the cost up to and dumps it and makes a fortune, the multimillionaire addressed that he had failed to understand the situation.

Musk squeezed that he has not sold any of his Bitcoin. However, Tesla sold 10% of its holding, basically, to demonstrate the liquidity of Bitcoin as an option in contrast to hanging on the accounting report.

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