Can you see the Cat? – an Interesting Optical Illusion or a Maddening Puzzle?

Everyone around the world was in a frenzy when the puzzle of Can you see the cat?was posted online. This online craze started a wave of two differentials; one who was satisfied and cheeky on solving the puzzle and the other who – for the life of them – couldn’t figure it out which in turn made them extremely frustrated. 

What is the Puzzle?

The puzzle is in the form of a picture of an animated drawing of a red-haired woman holding a broom. You can also see a steel bucket just at the right of the woman and multi-colored curtains behind her. On the left of the woman, you can see a wooden door with a diamond-shaped hole on its upper half. The wall is clearly made of brick while the woman is wearing a blouse with a skirt and an apron. 

The puzzle is to find a cat in the drawing. The drawing seems too simple to some and they assume there is no cat while the imaginative bunch tries to find cat-like symbols or shadows

Can you see the Cat

Puzzle Solved!

The trick here is using your imagination to its fullest but also to think outside the box. The cat is not present in the picture, rather there is a silhouette of a cat behind the woman. There is another twist here as you have to focus on the curtains and their curvature. Following the curvature of the curtains, turn your phone left so that the woman’s arm (the one holding the broom) is perpendicular. There you will notice the silhouette of a standing cat behind the woman and along with the curtains

Can you see the Cat

Online Response:

Across the social media, it had mixed reviews. For some people, it was extremely difficult to solve the puzzle. It was maddening for them when the other half percent of people bragged about it being so easy to solve. The reason they couldn’t decipher the puzzle;Can you see the cat?’, was because they were thinking too literally about the puzzle and their mind already made the picture of what a cat should be in the puzzle quite concrete. Even some celebrities and influencers like Alan Baldwin, Adriane Galisteo, and David Brazil were stumped when they came across this puzzle. 

Suffice to say that the puzzle of finding the cat had mixed reviews but it did take the internet in a frenzy, jokingly wreaking havoc on people’s opinions as some did not consider the solution given as a real solution or the statement to be false. Nevertheless, it did bring entertainment for the newly quarantined population around the globe.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • What is meant by ‘Can you see the cat’?

    It is a puzzle uploaded online which serves as an optical illusion. In this puzzle, you have to find a cat in a simple animated picture. The term ‘Can you see the cat?’ is now also used informally when people ask someone to think out of the box and to look at a problem from a different angle. 

  • Is ‘Can you see the cat?’ a difficult puzzle?

    The puzzle in itself is not difficult but if you’re a literal person with little imagination, it becomes challenging because the cat is not physically present in the picture. There is only a shadow of the cat and that too can be found when you rotate your phone to the left. 

  • What is the most famous ‘find the cat’ puzzle?

    The ‘Can you see the cat?’ puzzle is by far the most famous of all the cat puzzles on the internet. It became famous when it was uploaded on social media (Facebook, Instagram) at the start of the 2020 pandemic. Everyone, bored out of their mind, jumped at the chance of a new source of internet entertainment and frenzy.

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